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At AgelessHealthMD, we want to partner with our patients to allow them to enjoy energy, vitality, mobility and memory as they mature. We do this using an evidence-based method that uses scientific research to integrate bioidentical hormones, nutrition and fitness, targeted supplementation and lifestyle modifications to prevent, treat and improve age-related diseases and conditions.

We seek to improve the shortcomings of traditional medicine and leverage scientific knowledge to help to manage and improve the cause (or causes) of illness such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, stress, and genetic predisposition to help guide you on a path to a healthier lifestyle and ultimately achieve optimal wellness.

Dr. Eric Honing, M.D.

Eric HoningAs the Medical Director of AgelessHealthMD, Dr. Honing is dedicated to working alongside his patients to assess symptoms and lab work. When looking at lab results, Dr. Honing strives to “interpret symptoms and labs together” so that he can “make the biggest difference in their lives.” He believes that by working together on solutions, patients will become more knowledgeable about how to evolve their lifestyle to prevent deficiencies.
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  • I can say quite simply has changed my quality of life. Since I've been his patient I have lost 80 lbs, and have been involved in HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). I am a 47 year old male and Ifeel like I'm 30 years old again. I have never met a more comprehensive physician. I have recommended my friends to BodyLogicMD, and would encourage…Read More
  • I was on antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication and sleeping pills. I was 75lbs overweight, easily distracted, forgetful and unhappy. My Primary Care Physician told me my hormone levels were "within" the normal range. I surrendered in the knowledge of this being how I was to live out the remainder of my life. Then I saw Dr. Eric Honing. He sets a much higher standard for an individual’s…Read More
  • In 2008 I sought Dr. Honing's help with a variety of health concerns. I was gaining weight, mostly in my core as belly fat. I was unable to fall asleep or stay asleep. I had night sweats and daytime adrenal flashes. My skin was dry, my nails brittle and I was losing hair and I had very low energy; I…Read More
  • I have been your patient since 2009. When I came to you my condition was mostly day-time fatigue, low libido, unable to sleep through the night, and muscle and joint pain. At that time you began a regiment of testosterone pellets for me which has helped my day-time fatigue so that now I don't feel like I need a nap…Read More
  • August 24, 2015 My name is Marty and I am currently 56 years old but I feel more like “30”.  I would like to share my experience regarding HRT (hormone replacement therapy). December 8, 2011 was the turning point in my life, I say this because it was the day I began a new journey in my life.  I actually…Read More


October 31, 2017

What to Do With Fatigue That Just Won’t Go Away

Do you suffer from night after night of restless sleep? Up and down all night long, waking up feeling tired, dragging and exhausted? On top of that, maybe you feel […]

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